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Professional Wedding Video Production Service Testimonials

What our past customers have to say about Custom Video Weddings, in over 34 years of business!

Come in person to our South Bay Redondo Beach Cities Location to find your local Wedding Videographer and see all our written Thank you letters in person and view our demo and sample Local Wedding Video Service we Video Recorded and Edited.

From Daphne and Adam Scott:

It is not easy to capture and convey in a written piece of this kind the depth and intensity of feelings experienced by Adam and me as we watched our videotape.   After viewing it, we were left with warm spirits and high hearts.
Encapsulating the very essence of our most momentous day, the videotape is a uniquely beautiful work of art that, in a way, teases the senses and leaves one desirous of more.   It evinces your keenly artistic eye, attention to detail and ability to document and synthesize a series of diverse emotional episodes.
Your judicious temperament, graciousness and consummate professionalism combined to make it a pleasurable experience to work with you on this project.  You gave us a record that will serve to express anew our feelings for one another, making our wedding day much more than a fleeting moment, for years to come.  We are immensely appreciative of all that you and your capable staff did, and so very fortunate to have employed your services.

From Diane Vaught of Celebration Bridal Service

on behalf of Sabrina & Doug Smith:

I wanted to thank you so very much on behalf of myself and my clients......... as well as her parents.  You were everything they wanted in a videographer, excuse the term, "Fly on a Wall".   You captured all the precious moments and no one knew you were there.  It was exactly what Sabrina wanted.  Thank you for your sensitivity to her wishes.  The end result was such a beautiful video.

From Andy & Allyson Movchan:

You guys did a wonderful job on our wedding video!  We just love it!   Words just can't express the meaning and emotion we felt after seeing our video.   It really touched our hearts!  The wedding video was absolutely great! Honestly, I must have watched this video at least 50 times. This is the nicest part of the wedding.  You can play it over & over. 

I am so glad that I purchased this video...thank goodness my sister suggested this.  I just assumed that pictures would capture this special day.   What a big mistake I almost made!!  Pictures don't show the feeling and emotions, the love, the messages, etc....

Since the wedding video came out so good, I was rather disappointed when I received my pictures.  If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely spend more money on the video than my pictures.  Thank you all so much!

From Hillary & Billy Beaumont:

Thank you!  We love our wedding video.   You guys did such a wonderful job.  We really didn't even notice the two videographers during the night and the finished product is perfect!

From Miralu & PJ: 

PJ & I would like to thank you for all your hard work you put into making our wedding video.  Our families and friends keep praising how awesome our video was and that they've never seen anything like it before.  To this day, I have friends asking me if they could watch our video (for their 2nd & 3rd time).  I even have some people who didn't even attend our wedding asking to borrow  it to show to their friends.  Our words cannot express how happy we are with this video, without it the blur of our wedding day could not have come back to life and you make it all possible.    Thanks again for being so patient and understanding..........

From Deirdre & Joseph Hai:

Joe and I want to thank you for our video- you did a job -not only well-done but with taste, care and it seems, love in your hearts.  Thank you for capturing the happiest day of our lives and all those we love so well.

From Joy & Curtis Goetze:

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Custom Video staff that worked on my wedding video.  I am extremely happy with the finished product, and have already received enthusiastic reviews from my friends and family who have seen it.  I am equally happy, if not more so, with the extremely professional and courteous service you have given me over the last few months.  You have been attentive and responsive to all my questions and needs and you have given me the friendliest and most professional service any client could ever ask for.  I will most certainly recommend Custom Video Productions to all my friends and family for all their videography needs.   Thank you again for giving me a video I will treasure forever and for doing it with such excellent service.

From La Venta Inn/New York Food Company:

It is such a pleasure to refer Custom Video because we can always count on our bride's being treated with special care, attention and follow through from beginning to end.  We hope we have been able to play a small part in the growth of your company this past few years and look forward to our future successes and friendship in the world of weddings and special events.

From Marianne & Jason Perkins: 

Jason & I can't thank you enough for all of your efforts to capture the feelings, views and atmosphere of our wedding day.  I could not be more pleased with our video.  It makes me cry every time I watch it - what a great job!   Even our raw footage was so fun to watch.   Everyone was courteous and professional, and I thank you all for contributing to make and preserving my wedding as the best day of my life.  Thanks to you, I have a fun and touching keepsake to remember it all.

From Terry Durham (mother of Heather and Clay Ramsdell):

I have just watched the videotape of heather and Clay's wedding for the 4th time, and am still quite overwhelmed.  The photography, the music, the editing- all to fantastic to adequately describe!  The first time we all watched the tape- the newlyweds, and my husband and I- we kept saying "Oh my gosh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh Ahhhh!"  Then Wally said, "That videographer really knew what he was doing!"

The angle of the shots, the segue form black and white to slow motion to real time to grainy-all so artistically accomplished.  This is absolutely work of the highest quality.  You......had such an eye for setting and scene.   The inclusion of the outside of our home, our family portrait, photographs on the TV, etc. made the video so "ours".

Then the special moments you secretly captured-the hairdresser adjusting Heather's hair, the friend hooking the wedding gown buttons, the shot made as if one were looking through the eyes of the flower girl as she watched Heather being photographed, Heather's smile, Heather's eyes-all stunning!  Of course, I'm only praising the first few minutes of the video.

Just as important in w different way was the fact that you were so unobtrusive during the entire wedding and reception.  As we were discussing the wedding later, we all commented on how we didn't even realize you were there.  You didn't shine the lights in people's eyes or get in the way of the dancing or call out instructions to try to "stage" the bouquet toss, etc.  This was of utmost importance to us.

Our decisions to first of all hire a videographer, and then to choose CVP were so right!  Heather and Clay's video is truly a work of art, and we will treasure it forever.

From Hugo and Zorayda Apastillar:

We thank you for giving us such a romantic memory of our wedding day.  Not only are we glad we chose to have our wedding forever on tape to relive when we like, but are very glad we chose you to do it,  If ever you need a reference, we will be happy to be one of the many others you must already have.

From Rito & Rose Delgadillo:

Rito and I simply adore the wedding video.  When I first saw the video I was overcome with emotion.  Rito was also very pleased and impressed with the video.  Our families also loved the video very much.  We are so happy to have had CVP capture our wedding day on video.   You have given Rito and I a memory that we can relive over and over. 

From Scott & Sheilah Neff:

You and your staff videotaped our wedding at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove and our wedding reception at the Reef Restaurant in Long Beach.   Your entire crew was very nice, very courteous and very professional that day.   It did not take you very long to give us our finished product either.  We were very pleased with the result.   Due to all our excitement on our wedding day and a lot of things happening at the same time, there are a lot of moments that you captured in videotape that we almost missed.  A few months after our wedding, we invited our friends over at our new place to watch our video and we showed it in our family reunion......All of our friends told us that whatever we pay you is worth every penny.  

........Until this time (almost a year later) we still enjoy watching the video......Thank God, we finally have the opportunity to thank the people like you who've been wonderful to both of us from the start.

From Patty & Mike Velazquez:

We want to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our wedding video.   It is awesome!!  Thank you so much for your kindness and hard work, it was greatly appreciated.

From Elizabeth & Larry Hersh:

We can honestly say that, at this point in time, we've now shown our wedding video to every person we've ever met.  And the reviews are in - the video is perfect.   With a 1940's theme to the wedding, it was a difficult chore for us to find people that could capture the theme of the party.  Your use of such devices as stop-motion and sepia-tone photography brought this out perfectly........The recap put the entire evening into a true perspective.

More importantly than just the quality of the video are the pleasant memories that our guests have of you.  Your professionalism and courtesy put our guests at ease, and helped everyone have a good time.  We only hope that you were able to enjoy yourself as well!

We will be referring your company to our friends, as such occasions arise.   Further, if you have any clients that would like to view our video or meet us, please feel free to extend our address as a reference.  We wish you and Custom Video continued success.

From Karen & Robert Vargas:

We would like to express our appreciation for the great job you did with both the video presentation for our reception, and with the actual filming of our wedding ceremony and reception.  Everyone in attendance at our reception could not stop raving about the outstanding work you put into our video presentation.

Also, (the videographer) and his assistant were extremely professional, flexible, and easy to work with on the wedding day.  As you are all well aware, it can be a very crazy and stressful day for the bride and groom.  It's so nice to be able to work with individuals who help to alleviate the anxieties, rather than heighten them.

.....Again, thank you all so much for the terrific job.....We would definitely recommend Custom Video to any of our friends!

From Traci & Scott Davis:

Thank you for our beautiful wedding video!  We have had it only 2 days now, but have watched it almost 5 times already!  It is so nicely done, and truly captured all of our most special moments!  We can't thank you enough for doing such a terrific job!  We would recommend you to anyone!  On behalf of my family, we thank you so much again!

From Stef & Dan Mathewson:

Thank you so very much for making such an awesome video of our wedding day.   All the highlights were captured, making us laugh and cry when we watch it.    Thanks to you we will be able to share the glory of our wedding day with our future children!

From Alicia & Don Campbell:

The video was perfect!  It is definitely something we'll be watching again and again in years to come.  All the people who've seen it agree and say it's one of the best they've seen.

From Kathi & Tom Denton:

We love our video of our wedding!  From the moment we contacted you, it was a pleasure....all of the staff was so real & friendly, from the beginning to the end.  Every wonderful facet of the day was captured beautifully and edited into a real masterpiece!!! We can't thank you enough!

From Christy & Marc Junil :

I can't begin to express my thanks.  My wedding video is fantastic.   Your staff was professional and extremely pleasant to work with through the process.  I've laughed and cried numerous times watching the video.  The tape will be cherished for many years to come.  You're the greatest!

Feel free to call 1-310-543-4901  707 Torrance Blvd. #210 Redondo Beach, CA 90277

North East Corner of Torrance Blvd. & Irena

Between Prospect and Pacific Coast Highway PCH

Wedding Video Production Company

Custom Video is Family Owned and Operated in business shooting and editing weddings since 1990 in our South Bay Brick & Mortar location.  Our business has been built up to our current standing mostly by referrals.  We are #1 on the referral lists of most of the premier South Bay wedding locations.  We are also referred by some of the top photographers and wedding coordinators in Los Angeles.  We have thousands of very happy customers who have been giving us "word of mouth" referrals to their family and friends.  Many such referrals have led us to travel all over the country and even Hawaii and Mexico to shoot weddings.   If you would like to see some of our past client's comments regarding our services, please see our "Testimonials" page.  To check our wedding packages, please go to our packages page.  You can also E-mail us to set up an appointment, get more info or request a demo and brochure.

Custom Video uses only "In House" Wedding Videographers and Editors. We have over 30 years of experience Local here in Redondo, own all our own equipment and do all our editing and services "In House". We won't rent substandard untested equipment from subcontractors. We don't sub out work to be edited by other people nor do we hire videographers off the street like so many other companies do. This assures the finished product will be of the highest standard, and won't get lost or mixed up. You will know a qualified and experienced videographer will be there to capture your wedding day and know your wedding tapes and project will be at our office at all times. We are fully licensed and insured, and video is all we do. We focus 100% on video, assuring the highest quality and attention possible. Most other companies simply can't assure this level of service.

Your wedding vows take a few minutes. Your wedding video allows you to relive them for a lifetime. Picture this: Your Wedding Day. You are about to make the most important vow of your life. You will look into the eyes of the one you love and make a vow that changes the course of your life. This sacred moment is charged with drama and romance. And it's over before you know it. Your gown can be worn just once, but you can remember it forever if you call us.

You may be not be aware that we are also a Full-service video production company, Custom Video Productions, offering Video and Film Productions, Video Post-Production Editing Service, VHS to DVD Transfer Service, Video - Film Scan and Transfer Facility,  DUPLICATIONS - Retail Ready Packaging with no minimums, DVD Replication Services, (DVD-5, DVD-9, & DVD-10), Blu-Ray, Television Commercial and Infomercial Production, Media Placement, Syndication, Air-Time, Corporate Video Production, Demo Reel Editing, Video Projector Presentations, CD & DVD Authoring and replication service, Corporate CD-Rom Duplication, Creation of Power Point Video Presentations, Training Videos, Streaming Video, Film & Video Transfers, Video and Disc Copies, Prints from Video, Photomontages, Film, Negative, Photo and Slide Scanning Service, BetaCAM, BetaSP, BetaMax, Beta SX, 3/4 inch, DV, HDV, DV-CAM, S-VHS, VHS, DVD, HI-8, Digital 8, Digital Betacam, Digi-Beta, DVC-Pro, MPEG IMX CD, Record, Reel, 8-Track, Foreign Conversions, 8mm + 16mm Film Transfers, Information Music on Hold creation, Slide, negative scanning service, Photo touch up, Voice-over recording, Flash Drive Duplication, SD Card Duplication, Audio cassette, Tape + DVD Stock and supplies often with SAME DAY SERVICE! 

We are conveniently located in Redondo Beach at 707 Torrance Blvd., Suite 210 (at Irena btwn. Prospect & Pacific Coast Highway).  Our phone number is (310) 543-4901.  Please see our locator map page for more detail. Custom Video Weddings is a division of South Bay Custom Video Productions Incorporated.



Our young, energetic staff will capture creative, yet very candid images of your wedding day.  Our editing style is to provide emotion to the tapes by using the most sophisticated digital equipment to get the most tasteful effects like slow-motion and black and white.  We do not use over-used special effects and animations which will "date" your wedding video. 

Our motto is "the wedding comes first".  We will get all the shots without being conspicuous, without getting in the way of other wedding participants' such as the photographers, DJ's, caterers, etc. and we don't use blinding lights that will ruin ambiance.  We also strive to be as helpful as possible.  We love special requests to make your wedding video a "one of a kind".

You will really be pleasantly surprised when you see your beautiful wedding video which captures all the memories and emotion of the day without being obtrusive.



We constantly update our equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technology.   Our state of the art Broadcast quality (HQ HD)  High Definition full-sized 3 chip digital cameras provide excellent, low-light performance and a softer image for our packages (unlike most companies using small, "home video or prosumer" camcorders). Being 3-CCD Digital is not enough, only CVW uses cameras with full sized broadcast chips and high end broadcast lenses and tripods - the same camcorders to videotape our nationally broadcasted commercials.  Our stable vibrant color and image quality can't be beat. Come to our office and see for yourself. We stand behind what we say. We also use Super 8 MM film cameras for some of our packages for an artistic, nostalgic look. Our DVD's are authored "IN House" directly from the digital master, creating a video that is of the best possible quality. 

We use Broadcast, industrial grade non-linear digital editing systems.   As stated above, we use only the most tasteful effects. We also offer super high resolution Video Presentations with 6 X 8 foot or larger screens. With this, you can present a video photomontage of your most precious photos and video, or have us produce a love story to present at your rehearsal dinner, or reception. We present your video directly from the digital master, making a superior quality presentation.

Our audio equipment is also state-of-the-art Broadcast quality wireless microphones for the very best sound quality of your vows and your entire wedding. 

We use "Vara-Lites" which allow us to adjust the intensity of the light on the camera.  Although our cameras perform excellently in low-light conditions, there will be times when some additional light is necessary for a beautiful video.   Again, CVW never forgets the importance of candidly capturing the events of your wedding, so we don't set-up lights that may ruin ambiance.   Although our equipment is always perfectly maintained and tested frequently, our videographers also carry back-up equipment at all times. 



Custom Video is an established Full Service Video Production Company, which will be there to capture YOUR Wedding day. Custom Video Weddings uses only "In House" Videographers and Editors. Highly trained video industry professionals shoot all weddings.  We train each individual to get the clean, steady shots we need to make the most beautiful, artistic video which is the trademark of Custom Video Wedding's standard of excellence and quality.  We also train them in the art of getting the shots while staying inconspicuous.  We also have a very knowledgeable office staff who are something like wedding coordinators who will ask you the right questions to help you choose the videography package to fit your needs and desires.  They can also help answer any technical questions or how we will fit into your wedding day's itinerary.  All our staff is forever courteous and helpful.  Likewise our "In House" Editors will devote 100% of their time editing your video. Keeping everything "In House", assures the finished product will be of the highest standard, and won't get lost or mixed up. You will know a qualified and experienced wedding videographer will show up to your wedding. Please don't hesitate to ask for any special requests.  We guarantee that we will find a way to accommodate!  

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