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Best Video Tape Transfer Service FAQ

HD Video Production Company Service FAQ

  • Why should I have my wedding professionally recorded digitally (originally captured to video tape)?
    If ever a single moment of you life is worth preserving, this is one. And it deserves to be preserved in its entirety... all the sights and all the sounds. Photography can't do it alone. You need the almost magical artistry of Custom Video to do this moment justice. Someday, you may have children. If your wedding has been captured professionally by our team, you don't have to tell your children, family or friends about it, you can show them. They can relive it with you. And it will be wonderful. Professional videography preserves all the memories of your big day. Sights. Sounds. Feelings. You will never look more stunning than when you step into your wedding gown. No one wants to see boring, shaky or amateur video. And yet you will only wear this beautiful gown a few hours in your lifetime. These hours deserve - no, demand - that they be recorded by a pro. Don't rely on a family member or guest who will miss important moments. Don't ruin their experience with the responsibility. And if you entrust these precious hours to a professional wedding videographer you have recorded these memories forever! Not just the images of you in your gown, but... the way you moved in it, the way you sounded, the way you danced in it, the way you walked up the isle, the way your family... friends... and your husband reacted when they saw you in your gown. Your gown may just be worn once, but you can remember it forever if you call us. The key to a wonderful wedding video is artistry. We'd love to show you what we've done for other brides. Call us to arrange a time to view our Video Demonstration. It pays to hire a professional wedding videographer. Custom Video will create a lifetime heirloom with your wedding video, something to share with children and friends down through the ages.
  • What sets Custom Video Production's work apart from other videography?
    You may find what SEEMS like a comparable package elsewhere for a lower price. However, be sure to look at a final raw footage and edited wedding done by the other companies. Demo tapes may look great, but what does the final product look like? Post-production editing is not an exact science; the number of hours covered during an event does not determine the quality of the edited version. Custom Video has been covering and editing weddings since 1990, and this experience has given us the creative edge over the competition. Custom Video Weddings is an established Full Service Video Production Corporation, fully licensed and insured, which will be there to capture YOUR Wedding day. Our style is very elegant, tasteful and subtle and NOT full of fancy effects that can make you dizzy! Fades, dissolves, slow motion and music of your choice, along with our style of storytelling will make your wedding day a joy to watch again and again. Custom Video Weddings uses only "In House" Videographers and Editors. Our courteous, friendly professionals have each videotaped over 1000 weddings and have been trained by a member of our staff. Likewise our "In House" trained Editors will devote 100% of their time editing your video. Keeping everything "In House", assures the finished product will be of the highest standard, and won't get lost or mixed up. You will know a qualified and experienced videographer will show up to your wedding. Our "State-Of-The-Art" video and editing equipment is full sized 3 CCD broadcast digital, not home video or prosumer camcorders like most other video companies use. Being 3CCD Digital alone is not enough. Our cameras use full sized broadcast chips and high end broadcast tripods and lenses providing a low-light, stable, vibrant color and image quality that can't be beat. We use the same camcorders to videotape our nationally broadcasted commercials. Come see our studio for yourself. We stand behind what we say. No other company can compare to Custom Video's overall quality, experience, service, and creativity. We never hire freelance videographers from the street with their own, untested equipment. Why take the chance with other companies who exercises these poor practices to save money? Why take the chance and liability of an amateur without insurance? Why take the chance of the person taking your money and not showing up?
  • Will my Custom Video Weddings Videographer be obtrusive?
    No. Custom Video Weddings prides itself on its videographers being like a fly on the wall. We won't bother you to pose shots and ask unimportant questions. We will discuss all your details before your wedding date. Our trained professionals capture every detail of your wedding without getting in the way. We won't move or be a distraction during the wedding service, nor will we get in the way and bother guests during the reception. We want you to remember your wedding day, not the experience with your videographer.
  • Why can't I have my friend(s) video tape or record my wedding?
    Would you let your friend Photograph or DJ your event? Just because someone has a camera or CD/Audio player, doesn't mean you are a professional. Only a well experienced videographer can know exactly how to video tape your event in a creative and professional manner. Not only is it unfair for your friend to try to work on your wedding day, just think what your video would be like after he or she has had a couple of drinks. Your wedding is a once in a life time event with no 2nd takes. Let Custom Video come through for you in a video with artistry and flair! You'll remember the way you and your husband looked and sounded on your wedding day forever. Custom Video Weddings won't record a bunch of video that will simply make you sick. Instead we will creatively capture the moments of the day to remember for a life time.
  • Why do we need a 2nd camera during the ceremony? 3rd camera?
    We always recommend a 2nd camera for several reasons: 1) Because it's so important to have a very steady shot, our cameras are set-up on tripods during the ceremony. This doesn't allow very much moveability. To insure a good angle while you're exchanging vows, walking down the aisle and leaving the ceremony and for guest speakers, it's necessary to have the 2nd camera. 2) Having a 2nd angle allows us to edit both angles into your final edited version. This gives you a much more dynamic and visually interesting video. 3) Many ceremony sites have restrictions as to where the videographers may place their cameras. In some instances, this is not always the most ideal location. In these situations, having the 2nd angle gives us more flexibility to get the best shots and, during editing, allows us to choose between the two angles so there is almost always a clear shot of the two of you. A third camera is always great for high end wedding videography service where all angles can capture the special memories.
  • Can we get our edited copy on DVD or HD Blu-Ray and will the Disc work in the same way as the movies I rent? What about as a HD file?
    Yes, we can provide your video as a file or on a DVD or Blu-Ray to be viewed at home and on a computer, or a CD-ROM movie file to be viewed on your computer or TV. Blu-Ray has superior picture quality. Our DVD's, Blu-Ray and CD-ROM has a life expectancy of about 100 years with no quality loss. They can not be accidentally erased or corrupted by a computer virus. They both include a creative color photo print on the jewel case cover and disk. Optional motion picture menus can be created which allows you to select sections of your video with the click of a button. We also offer quantity discounts, allowing you to easily send a custom high quality Disc to your Family and Bridal Party. You can also receive a file that can be copied to Flash Drives, Memory Stick or a Hard drive. Please allow us to show you the different options available by calling us at (310) 543-4901 or Text 424-241-3555 .
  • Other companies claim to have 3-CCD digital camcorders or HD camcorders, what is the difference?
    Only Custom Video Weddings uses State-of-the-art Full Sized Broadcast 3CCD Digital camcorders with high end broadcast lenses, filters, tripods, and equipment. Our camcorders use FULL SIZED CHIPS. Not inferior 3CCD 1/3 inch sized chips. We use the same equipment to video tape our nationally broadcasted commercials. Our camcorders are extremely sensitive to low light, and produce a vibrant color and image quality which can't be beat. These camcorders produce a better image quality than the newest Prosumer HD camcorders. Custom Video uses Professional equipment, not Prosumer equipment. Most of all, your videographer will be a friendly "In-House" trained professional, very unobtrusive with the knowledge and experience to capture every moment of your wedding; Capturing Video memories which will last forever.

Video Production Services

Photo & Album Scanning Service
Don’t trust your photo transfer to any company except Custom Video.  We only use professional scanners have a high dynamic range capable of resolutions of 6,400 DPI to scan your photos, slides and negatives.  Quality control is paramount when digitizing your assets.  We take the time to ensure the best possible archival image.
We also specialize in scanning photo albums, Pictures in Frames and oversized images.  Call to find out more about our process.

Slide & Negative Scanning Service
Your old photo slides are in jeopardy. Minute by minute, even in the dark, they are changing color, fading, and possibly developing fungal stains.  With the use of our professional transfer equipment our scanners have a high dynamic range capable of high resolution transfers, we can convert your slides to a high quality digital file enhancing the quality, color and contrast.  You’ll be able to enjoy them once again on your computer, phone or tablet.  Also, our customers find great pleasure in sharing them with friends and family online.  Don’t wait, call today for a free no obligation estimate.

Video Tape Transfer Service
It’s a simple fact.  Your video tapes aren’t going to last forever.  They have a limited shelf life.  We use professional equipment to ensure the highest quality video transfer service done in house at a brick and mortar company.
We can transfer a variety of formats including VHS, VHS-C, Video-8, HI-8, Digital-8, Mini-DV, DV-Cam, and foreign formats (PAL MESECAM & SECAM).  We also transfer professional formats such as Beta-cam SP, Digi-Beta, 3/4" SP, Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX, Umatic, HD-CAM, DVC-
Pro HD, and HD DV-Cam.

Super 8mm Film Conversion Service - 16mm Film Conversion Service
Chances are you don’t have a way to play back those 8mm film reels, or properly convert them to a digital format.  Let us convert these family treasures to a high quality HD format so you can share them with future generations.

Audio Transfer Service
Do you have a box of audio tapes filled with irreplaceable memories? We can help transfer your audio cassettes to a digital format so you can easily enjoy them on any device.  Call today for an estimate for Audio Tape Transfer Service.

DVD Transfer Service, CD Transfer Service, Blu-Ray Transfer Service
THEY WON’T LAST FOREVER!  We transfer your DVDs to a digital .MOV or MP4 file so you can enjoy them on any device.
We also offer DVD Digitzing Service, and are a CD Digitizing Company for your Disc Digitizing Service needs.
  Call today for a quote.


Racetrack Race Track Video Production Service
Enhanced Film Video Photo.jpg

Notice the Custom Video Productions Difference

For the best Video Production Service, Photo and Film  Transfer Service Quality Results!

Audio Video Tape Digital Transfer Service FAQ

Event Videography Service

Pre, Post HD Video Editing Company




Founder Joe Jennings Emmy Award Winning Demo Reel: Joe Jennings

Custom Video Productions is a Full Service HD Direct Response Commercial Video Production and Marketing Facility that offers a complete spectrum of services under one roof.  Since 1990, CVP has produced thousands of TV-Commercials, Infomercials, Industrial, Training, Website, Explainer, Event and Marketing Videos. Our Demo Reel is available to view online below. CVP features the latest State-of-the-Art Technology and Creative Personnel to maximize a project’s full potential. The FAA has granted Custom Video the exemption to be able to fly our drone for commercial video business. We have pro licensed Drone operators for your Professional HD Aerial video production needs.

CVP takes any size Video Production project from Concept to Completion, on time and on budget. Our HD Video Editing Services facility are ready to meet whatever challenges your project demands. No Project to large or small. Over 33 Years Local Experience!

From Proposal to Profit, we take the stress out of Marketing your Idea, Project or Company. Maximize the Return On YOUR Investment (ROI).

  • Video Services we offer: < >Video Production/Editing ServiceEvent Video ProductionInfomercial Production and EditingTelevision Commercial ShootTraining Video Production and Editing ServiceOn-Camera Training/CoachingDigitally Master Audio or Digitally Re-Master Video Files - RestorationVideo Business Card Editing CompanyLegacy Film Service / Legacy Video ServicePhoto Video Creation Company - Video Creation ServiceCorporate Video Production/Company moviesColor Correction ServiceVoice Over Recording ServiceTranscription Services - Closed CaptioningVideo Audio Translation ServicesMedia Placement & Airtime ServicesDemo Reel Editing ServiceVoice over Audio recording and editingRadio commercial production with professional talentForensic Audio and Video analysis - Will testify in court - Authenticate editingLive Webcast Production Service, Streaming on Multiple Screens with AudioPromotional Video Production and Editing ServiceEvent Video Production - Record Concerts, Performances, etc. with multiple cameras and editing.Production RV Vehicle Rental for Video Production On-Location Editing ServiceCreative Photo Montage creation - Funeral Video Presentation - Power Point Photomontage Editing service - Slide Scanning Service, Photos, NegativeVideo Transfer Service, Video Encoding, Digitizing Video, Film, Convert to File, Etc.Local Professional Film and Video Transfer ServicesAerial Video Production (plane, drone video) with FCC section 333 exemption permit number 12950.Mobile Vehicle Video Transfer and Editing RV - We can come to you to Convert all your secure tapes at your location and edit inside with our professional Video Editor.  We are completely self contained using Solar, Batteries, and Generator when needed. Our Business has received a Green Building Challenge Certificate of Recognition from the South Bay Cities Council of Governments 1. Pre-Production Service Firm

    • Consultation and Business Video Marketing Review

    • Detailed Planning

    • Research & Project Development

    • Storyboarding

    • Location Scouting

    • Permit Acquisition

    • Casting Service

    • On-Camera Coaching

    • Scripting - Script Writer

    • Complete Art Direction

    • Set Design

    • Logo Development

    • Creative Video Production Service

    2. On Set HD Video Production Company

    • Set or Studio Production

    • Field/Location Production

    • Multi-Camera Set-Ups & Jib Shots

    • Steadicam Production (steady cam)

    • Aerial Video Production from Drone Video Camera (with FCC permit exemption #12950)

    • RV Vehicle Production Rental Service - On-Scene Editing

    • Live Switching

    • Experienced Direction

    • On-Set Art Direction

    • Lighting & Audio Set-Up

    • Crew Coordination

    • Script Supervision

    • Professional Wardrobe

    • Hair & Make-Up

    • World-Class Directing & Creative Supervision

    • Green Screen Studio Rental

    3. Creative Post-Production Editing Facility

    Our four non-linear edit suites are ready to produce any type of video media your project demands. Our linear edit suite is equipped with the latest in linear editing tools.

    • Editing On-Line & Off-Line

    • Special Effects

    • Final Graphic

    • Tracking

    • Digital Video Encoding

    • Green Screen

    • Wire or Sky Replacement

    • Matting

    • Website Video Encoding

    • Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

    • Authoring - DVD, CD, Blu Ray Video Authoring & Encoding Service - Master & Copy

    4. Media Placement
      Monarch Productions

    • Research & Purchase Air Time for National & Cable Television TV

    • Research & Purchase Air Time for National & Local Radio - Syndication

    • Research & Purchase Air Time for Online Digital Marketing - Websites - YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Advertising

    • Print Advertising Graphic Design for Magazine, Website, Newspaper, Billboard, Direct Mailing, Flyers, Brochures, Coupon & Special Offer Ad Creation Service

    5. Replication & Retail Ready Packaging Service

    • Package Design Proof & Printing

    • High Quality Replication Process

    • 200,000 Disk per day Capacity

    • Warehousing

    • Inserting, Folding & Assembly

    • Shrink wrapping

    • Packaging

    6. Fulfillment & Marketing Feedback

    • Order and Payment Processing

    • On Site Duplication, Packaging & Mailing Service

    • Customer Database Management

    • World-Wide Shipping

    • Order Tracking

    • Customer Support & Feedback

    • Inventory Management

    • Low cost mailing service

    • Low or no monthly minimums

    Creative Video Services

    The Creative Team at Custom Video Productions stays current on the latest technology and is ready to infuse your project with State-of-the-Art 3-D Animation Service and Eye-Popping Motion Graphics. We have a company-wide dedication to client service.

    Custom Video Productions Designs and Creates on-line Marketing Solutions that will energize your new or existing marketing strategy.

    • Streaming Website Video Production & Editing Service
    • Pay-Per-View Video Production
    • Order Processing Services
    • Streamlined Media Buying, Research and Placement
    • Customer Feedback


    Video is a great way to promote your business or sell your product! Professional video is the most engaging medium to tell a story and get people’s attention, especially with the growth of the mobile and tablet markets. With the advancement of mobile and camera technology, video is more accessible and built for easy consumption, but it comes with responsibility. People are facing a barrage of forgettable videos everywhere they go on the web, so you have to stand out from the crowd. Custom Video will make sure your video will stand out!


    Personal on-camera Coaching / Training

    Need a coach to help you look good on camera? We got you covered. We offer professional on-camera training by our on camera professionals. Custom Video makes it easy for you and your video to rise above your competitors. It will be a lot easier when you’re guided to be your authentic self in front of the camera. Once you have received our training, you will be confident to share your video business card on your website broadcast throughout the internet.

    Why hire Custom Video Productions?

    Anyone can go buy a hammer and nails at Home Depot, but you wouldn’t hire just anyone to build your house, so why would your standards for crafting an effective marketing or demo video be any different? In both cases, a weak foundation will lead to disastrous results. Professionals train and practice for years to acquire the skills to produce the best-looking images, they use more advanced support equipment, and Custom Video understand more about your marketing / image and intended results than a mere amateur or hobbyist videographer.

    The Quality of Your Video Reflects the Quality of Your Company

    Custom Video staff has studied their art and craft at a professional institute, or under the mentoring of numerous experienced workers in their field. All of their years of experience adds up to an understanding of how to light a scene just right for the medium on which they are shooting, not to mention the proper camera placement to evoke a certain emotional response. Think about the difference between a well-lit tour of a building, which looks inviting and warm, and a dark and flat video of the same building. Even once the project is shot, the difference between a professional editor who understands how to cut footage together in a specific manner using all of the available tools versus a hobbyist who understands little about theories of editing or marketing impact is enormous.

    Your company’s image depends on the image you project with your marketing. If your video looks like amateur work or is thrown together haphazardly, your potential clients will see your product or service the same way, not only discouraging them from choosing your company whatsoever, but certainly lowering their willingness to spend money on your brand. Perceived value is very important to customer purchasing decisions. Any money you save on marketing by using a “do-it-yourself” approach to video work or hiring an amateur will be lost many times over in missed opportunities with potential clients who are turned away by amateurish marketing efforts.

    Sophisticated Equipment Leads to Polished, Effective Videos

    Professionals use a variety of additional tools to enhance the image, including cinema lighting kits with a variety of diffusion tools to shape the light just perfectly, camera support equipment like smooth-motion fluid tripod heads, dolly gear for tracking shots, jibs (mini cranes) for sweeping, grand exterior shots and nifty interior angles, plus many thousands of dollars in editing equipment. A professional editor will often use anywhere from 5 to 10 different software programs to complete one project, all with a very specific purpose as part of the whole, which is crafting the best, most professional video possible with today’s technology. An amateur will not only lack the knowledge for how to use all of these programs together, but likely will not have access to the resources that a professional company has available to make a project shine. An amateur can also take 10 times longer to complete the project, with poor results. Just because someone charges less, doesn’t mean you will save in the long run.

    Custom Video Productions Company Takes Your Video Marketing Seriously

    An amateur videographer, or weekend warrior, even with the best intentions will likely not have much of an understanding of the way in which marketing plays a role in video creation. Crafting a nice, professional video is still not very useful for your company without an emphasis on message, delivery, and emotional impact. Your company needs a professional corporate video company that understands how to position the video within your broader marketing campaign, which includes an understanding of social media networks, video sharing Websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and dozens of others, and can deliver the video in a variety of formats that work for all mediums. The ability to write professional marketing copy, review marketing materials, and coordinate with professionals in media creation and filmmaking allow a professional company to create a video that is worth the money you spend on it.

    With a professional production company crafting your videos, you will give your message the best chance to stand out amongst the competition, not only because of the quality of the video but because of the company’s understanding of video as just one part of your overall marketing campaign. Just because you choose Custom Video does not mean you have to spend huge sums of money, however. With today’s technology being relatively affordable compared to several decades ago, we can offer professional results on reasonable budgets. The headache and lost business of working with amateurs or trying to do it all yourself is not worth the few dollars saved, when considering how much lost business you risk by alienating your potential customers with videos that reflect poorly on your brand and company image. 


    Main reasons why to hire a professional video production company?         Custom Video offers


    ·                                 Increased Quality: Investing in a camera and filming a do-it-yourself video or web commercial might seem like a fabulous idea. But, without the proper technical knowledge, as well as the right video production and editing skills, you could end up doing more harm than good. Hiring Custom Video ensures that you receive a high-quality video that will wow potential customers.

    ·                                 Efficiency: When you’re running a business, you know how valuable your time is, and how important it is to use that time wisely. That’s why many business owners choose to invest in the services of Custom Videos team with extensive industry experience, rather than attempt to film and edit a video themselves. Custom Video is familiar with industry best practices and will know how to get the most out of your time while filming. An amateur will often take 10 times longer producing low quality results.

    ·                                 Oversight: Quite often, when editing a video yourself, you can miss something; even the smallest detail could ruin your first impression on a customer or client. Because of this, it’s recommended that you work Custom Videos team, trained to provide an extensive review before signing off on any video project.


    Top 7 reasons for having a professional video: Custom Video


    1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

    2. Video Shows Great ROI

    3. Video Builds Trust

    4. Google Loves Videos (increases ranking)

    5. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

    6. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

    7. Video Encourages Social Shares


    Don’t get dazzled by a demo reel. 

    A lot of production companies host a demo reel on their homepage. Typically, it’s a minute-long series of clips from past projects set to music. The purpose is to prove to you that they’re an established company with a variety clients. Sounds good, right?  What demo reels don’t show you is what those finished projects really looked like. You need a video that does more than look pretty: It needs to be effective for your business and communicate the message you’re intending to send. Dig deeper into their website and find the actual videos they were hired to create. Don’t see any? It’s a red flag. Often they work out of their home and don’t have insurance either. Any accidents will become your problem.

    By 2022 over 80% of all internet traffic will come from Video Advertising.

    VIDEO is 12 TIMES as effective as text.

    People are 88% more likely to surf websites with videos

    Always on the Cutting Edge of Technology

    We constantly update our equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our state of the art broadcast quality full-sized 3 chip digital cameras provide excellent, low-light performance and a softer image for our packages. Our HD cameras shoot and edit in true progressive 8k, 4k, 1280x720 60p Blu-ray HD-DVD. Or choose 1920x1080/60i, or 1280x24p for a more film like look or even old Vintage camera production. We offer high resolution camera packages along with operators of Pro Drone Video Production being FAA 107 Certified Section 333.

    Only CVP uses cameras with full sized HD broadcast chips and high end broadcast lenses and tripods - the same camcorders to videotape our nationally broadcasted commercials. Our stable vibrant color and image quality can't be beat. Come to our office and see for yourself. We stand behind what we say.

    Video Samples VIEW DEMO REEL Custom Video Marketing

    (See More Videos on our Facebook Page)

    YouTube Account:

    Redondo Beach Unified School District
    Measure C Demonstration Video


    Western Federal Credit Union In House Marketing Video -


    Child Speech Therapy Website Video -

    AAA Spokesman -

    El Camino College Commercial-


    Rio Grande Gamers Commercial -


    Business Marketing Video for PES (Power Electronics and Systems) -


    Realtor Web Video -

    Aerial Video Production Sample shot in HD with Drone

    Aerial Video Production Night Sample shot in HD with Drone

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