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Local Video Transfer Services Tape Film Digitizing
Enhanced Film Video Photo Transfer Service

The Custom Video Difference Above!
Local Video Transfer Service, Video to Digital Hard Drive, Audio Tape Transfer Service, Record, Film, Slide, Photo Scanning Service, Super 8mm Film Digitizing Company
Professional Video Digitizing Company

Photo/Slide Scanning Service, Disc Transfer Company, Blu-Ray, CD, DVD Duplication Service & Conversion of All Formats of Video to File Transfer Service, Flash or Thumb Drive, Video Encoding Service, Audio Tape Encoding Service.

We offer DCP File Creation Service, DCP Transfer Service to Hard Drive Creation in Linux for Movie Theater Presentation

Disc Packages Samples of Replicated DVD's CD's Blu-Ray Discs at Custom Video Productions

Often with SAME DAY SERVICE with the highest quality video transfer service using professional equipment since 1990 in Redondo Beach!!! Don't risk mailing your precious materials out like many other businesses do. Some even say in house, but your Video Tapes are driven to a different Audio Transfer Facility. Our local video tape encoding company is transferred in house using only professional video encoding equipment. Our  Pro Video Transfer to Digital Service and quality is superior! Our Video Audio Tape Transfer Service Turn around time is very fast, quick service done professionally and locally! Our photo and video dynamic range is the best quality tape transfer service available.

Since 1990, No Project too big or too small, low or high volume! Often Next Day Video tape Transfer Service or Rush Service available. Trust only CVP with the Highest Quality experience since 1990, in-house - same facility. Custom Video has the best Video Tape Digital Archive Technology (Video Tape Digitize Video Service Facility). We are the only company being the highest quality Film, Audio Tape Digitizing Service, and Video Tape Transfer Facility. VHS DVD Video Conversion company in the South Bay Beach Cities, SoCal LA Los Angeles County video transfer facility.

We offer fast, fair, local affordable full service Beach Cities Film and Video Transfers often done same day in house professional company.

Video Digitizing Service
Video Encoding Service

Video Transfer Service, Video Encode Service - Digitize Video Tape Encode Service, Audio Encode Service

CVP has been in operation since 1990 in Redondo Beach, Beach Cities Video Transfer South Bay and rated #1 in customer satisfaction and leader in 1 on one personal service. Local "Family owned and operated", brick and mortar business with over 33 years experience locally the entire time! Don't risk a huge low cost high volume company with your precious memories. We transfer film to digital, photos, audio tape and video tape in real time with the highest quality. Only trust a company that has been in business locally for over 30 Years experience Transferring Video Tape or Audio to CD Conversion Service.
Ask about our local Video Transfer Service company pickup and delivery options available from our mobile Video Tape Transfer Service and on site Video Transfer  Redondo Beach facility.

Other Video Transfer Facilities near you won't use professional equipment with superior results.
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Video Conversion Service from most every format like DAT Audio tape transfer service and Video to Hard Drive conversion, VHS to DVD disc Transfer, 8mm film transfer service & 16mm Film encoding service, Video tape to File, Film Transfer to Digital Service, Reel to Reel Audio tape to CD Transfer Service, DVD Duplication Service, High-Resolution Slide, Negative, Photo Scanning Service, Video Duplication Service, Hard Drive Video Encoding, Record, Video tape transfer service to memory stick, thumb drive, Reel Tape Transfer, Thumb Drive copying, Disc, Video to .mov, .aif, .mp3 .mp4 Video to .mpg, USB or Flash Drive Duplication & Packaging Service including Fulfillment (mailing). Our goal is high quality products using only professional stock and equipment. 
WE HAVE ALL Consumer and Professional Video Tape Transfer formats including Beta SP Transfer Service, Digital HD-CAM Video Tape Transfer Service, HDV, 3/4 inch, Umatic, Betacam, and DVCpro HD Video Tape Video Encoding Service, Video Digitizing Service. Watch your video on your Monitor, Phone, Computer, Television, or share your TV Video content online for your business partners, friends and family. We are local and offer Same-Day Service In-House Professional Video Transfer Company since 1990!

We can match local comparable competitor prices! South Bay Best Beach Cities Video Tape Transfer Service! Only trust a reputable company like Custom Video Family Owned with 34 years of experience professionally digitizing film & video because we care about the best quality service and final video product. We actually watch for the best best quality video & film transfer service settings, unlike mail order high volume cheap low quality facilities or home based risky hobbyists who don't care missing important details.
We aren't a home based side hustle producing low quality, we aren't an out of state chain with no quality control or has control of losing your tapes. We are not a chain or franchise that just shuttles your film to different locations not caring about the product. We are a professional local video digitizing business with 34 years experience who cares and has a passion about the highest quality of your film and video digitizing needs.

Pick-up & Delivery Service Available.  We offer quantity discounts!

Custom Video Transfer Service Coupon
IMAX DCP File Conversion Service

Some of our professional Audio Tape Encoding Service and Video Tape Conversion Services we offer:

Audio Tape Transfer Service
  • South Bay VHS Video to DVD Disc Conversion - Expert Video Transfer Service to Digital File or Drive Video to .mov, Video to .mpg, Video to .mpeg, Video to .mp4 or any format like pro-res

  • CD-ROM, Audio CD Duplication Service and Audio Tape Transfer Facility - CD Copies Made

  • Old Film Transfer to Digital Service, Video Transfer to Digital File, Photo Transfer to Digital Drive Services, Video Tape Digitizing Service, Video Camera to Memory Stick, Mini-DVD Transfer Service, Mini DVD Digitizing Service

  • Digitize Video to Hard Drive, Thumb Drive, Expert Video Tape Transfer Service, Video Movie File to Digital File Company

  • DVD Duplication Service & Authoring (optical disc) Corporation - DVD Transfer Service to File Facility - DVD copies made

  • Photo Scanning Service - Album Scan photo company - Slides, Negative Transfer Service

  • Blu-Ray Duplication and Authoring Service (DVD Master Burn) File to DVD or Blu-Ray Transfer Service to File Company

  • Videotape Conversion Service, Audiotape Conversion Service, Videotape to DVD, Audiotape Transfer Service, Videotape Transfer Service, Audiotape to CD Company, Videotape Encoding Service, Videotape to Digital Conversion Service

  • Blu-Ray Copy Service - BluRay Replication Facility with retail ready packaging facility

  • Disc Authoring, Encoding, Video Digitizing Service, Tape Capture and Mastering Service Company

  • Local VHS Transfer and Video copy Service - Beach Cities Film and Video Conversion Service Company

  • Any Format Video VHS to DVD Your Memories or to Hard Drive or Thumb Drive facility

  • Video Upload Service - 8mm Film Transfer Service Facility - Super 8mm Film Digitizing Service

  • Old Film Transfer Service, Negative, Slide, Photo Scanning Service Corp.

  • Pre-Production service facility - HD Pro Video Company

  • Post Production - Editing Demo reels, home video editor services facility's

  • VHS, S-VHS conversion service, Super VHS transfer service, Super Beta, S-Beta, mini-DV, Digital Hi-8, Beta, BetaSP, BetaMax, Digital Betacam, Digibeta, HDV, DV Digitizing Service, DVCAM encoding service, DVC-Pro transcoding service, Super Betacam, S-Betcam, Audio and Video Transfer Service Company, All format Video Tape Transfer Service Company to all formats!

  • Video VHS to DVD, Video Digitizing Service, Video to Digital Transfer Service, or Hard Drive Transfer Service Corporation

  • Video Camera to Memory Stick, Mini DVD Transfer Service Company - Video tape to Memory stick

  • Video Production Services Near Los Angeles - LA County Mobile Production Vehicle

  • Mobile Vehicle Video Tape Transfer Service & Editing RV - We can come to you to Convert all your secure tapes at your location and edit inside with our professional Video Editor.  We are completely self contained using Solar, Batteries, and Generator when needed. Local Mobile Video Conversion Service Company Vehicle. Our Business has received a Green Building Challenge Certificate of Recognition from the South Bay Cities Council of Governments

  • Aerial Video Production Service (Drone, Helicopter, Un-Manned camera Production) Company

  • Pro HD Video Editing Service and Expert Audio Voice Over Recording Services Facility

  • Photo Scanning Service - Slide - Negative Photos Scanned to Digital Service, Photo Scan to Digital File Company

  • Photo Touch-up Service - Photos Scanned to Hard Drive - Thumb Drive Digital Files Conversion Service Company

  • Professional Photomontage Edit Service - Photo Scan Transfer to Digital Service - Moving Video Photo Montage

  • Funeral Montage with photos and music Video Production Service company - Celebration of Life Legacy Video

  • Video Presentation Service with Video Projector rental and setup at your facility

  • Expert Film Transfer Company (8mm Film Transfer Service with sound, Super 8-mm, 16mm Film transfer service with sound, motion picture encoding service) Old Super 8mm Film to Digital Conversion Service Facility Company with audio, music, sound Transfer to File on Hard Drive Duplication Service or DVD digitizing service

  • Analog sound track, magnetic sound track, or optical sound track transfer service

  • Expert Audio Cassette Transfer Service to CD or File on Drive or Memory stick

  • All Video Tape to Digital Transfer Service Company to Drive or DVD Facility in SoCal South Bay Beach Cities

  • We also have 16-mm Film Audio from Magnetic Stripe or Analog conversion.

  • Polaroid Polavision Phototape Cassette Type 608 Transfer from Film to Digital File or DVD Near Facility

  • Foreign Conversion Service to Digital Video File Company - Digitize Video Tape Service, Digitizing Video Service

  • NTSC, PAL, SEACAM, MESECAM Transfer Service Facility (Foreign Conversion Service Company)

  • Hi-8 Pal Transfer Service Company, PAL Video 8 Conversion Service Company

  • All formats Video Tape Conversion Facility in Southern California

  • HD Video File to DCP File Creation Service, Video to DCP Folder Creation Service, Blu-Ray Video to DCP Conversion Service

  • Video Tape Digitizing Service, Audio Digitizing Service - Video Tape Editing Service

  • Hi-Fi Betamax Stereo PCM sound and FM or AFM Sound Track Encoding Service Facility

  • Multi-Format Transfers & Video Service Facility Company in the South Bay, Southern California Beach Cities, So-Cal

  • Record to CD Transfer Service Company (Audio CD Transfer Service Facility)

  • Expert Audio Digitizing Service - Audio CD Service Company - Expert Audio Tape Transfer Service / AV Encode Facility

  • Reel to Reel CD Transfer Service - 1/4 inch tape Expert Audio Transfer Company - 2, 4, 8 track to Digital file Facility

  • DAT Transfer Service Company (Digital Audio Tape Convert Company Conversion) to file on drive

  • 8-Track to CD Audio Transfer Service Facility Near Redondo Beach - Pro Audio Tape Digitize Service

  • LP Record & Tape Cassette to Audio CD Transfer Service Facility near Torrance - Expert Audio Transfer Service

  • Photo-Retouching Service, Photo Digitize Service - Editing Service company Near Manhattan Beach

  • #1 Film Transfer Facility in SoCal Beach Cities Los Angeles County Redondo Beach

  • Funeral Video Creation and Presentation with sound Editing Company - Video Editing Company

  • Celebration of Life Production Company - Video Editing Service - Video Tape Editing Company

  • Photo Album Scanning Service - Photo Restoration Service - Video Enhancement Company

  • Video Photo Still Capture Service, Slides, Video Digitize Service, Negative Scanning Service Company

  • Website Video Production Service Company Near South Bay, Beach Cities SoCal

  • Hard drive video encoding service, computer video encode file creation Facility

  • #1 Video Tape Conversion Company in the South Bay - Digitize Video Service, Digitize Film Service

  • Website YouTube, Vimeo Video encoding & uploading service for streaming video Company

  • Full color direct disc film printing, both silver and white, thermal, offset and silk screen Disc print service

  • Thumb Drive, USB Drive, Flash, SD Card Duplication Service Company

  • Mailing Fulfillment (Shipping) Service Company in Southern California

  • Floppy disc conversion - Zip drive transfer service - 3.5 inch floppy transfer service facilities - Three Quarter Inch Digitizing Service, Three Quarter Inch Tape Transfer Service

  • Betacam SP (Beta-SP transfer service) Digitizing Company to Hard Drive cloning service near Hermosa Beach

  • Digital Betacam (Digi-Beta transfer service) BetaSX, Pal Beta, Pal Digi Betacam, Beta SX, MPEG IMX, Betacam SX Video Conversion Service

  • Digibeta Video Conversion Service (Digi Beta conversion - Beta Tape Conversion Service) - Digital Beta Encoding Service

  • DVCAM (DV-CAM transfer service) Pal DVCAM Transfer to Digital Video Services - Professional Video Tape Digitize Service

  • XDCAM (XD-CAM transfer service) Encoding Service Facility Near Company in Redondo Beach

  • DVCPRO (DVC-PRO transfer service) DVCPRO HD (DVC-PRO HD transfer service) DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50 Encoding Service Near Beach cities Film Transfer Service, Super 8mm Film Digitizer Service

  • HDCAM (HD-CAM transfer service) HDCAM SR (HD-CAM SR video encoding service) to Hard Drive Conversion Service company South Bay Beach Cities Video Transfer Service

  • D-2, D-5 (D2, D5) D3, D4 (D-3, D-4) Professional Transfer Service Company Near South Bay

  • Mini-DV / HDV (MiniDV transfer service) Pal DV Digitizing Service to Hard Drive File Conversion Company

  • HDV Transfer Service Company to Hard Drive Conversion Facility

  • Old Video Tape Transfer Company near Los Angeles - Digitizing Film Service

  • 3/4 Inch Umatic Transfer to File Digitally Service Company

  • 1 inch video tape conversion Facility Near Beach Cities South Bay Redondo Beach

  • 8mm, Super8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Hi-8 with PCM Audio Track or AFM Audio Stereo Audio Track conversion service

  • Hi-8 Pal, 8mm Pal Transfer Service to Digital NTSC - Hi8 Pal Secam - Mesecam Encoding Service

  • VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C Transfer to Digital DVD Service company near Palos Verdes

  • All format Video Tape Transfer Facility in the Beach Cities

  • Hard Drive Duplication Facility, Hard Drive Cloning Company, Hard Drive Duplication Company, Hard Drive Cloding Facility in Southern California, South Bay Beach Cities - Video Hard Drive Backup Service - Hard Drive Conversion Service

  • Digital Storage - Compression - Digitize Film Service Facility near El Segundo

  • Pro-Res 422 HQ and most any codec available like .mov .mpg .mpeg .avi file transfer service to file like Apple prores 4444

  • We offer DCP File Transfer Service, Digital Cinema Package Transfer Service, DVD to DDP file creation service, DDP file to DVD Burning Service, UDF File Conversion Service, DDP Image to DVD Transfer Service and DVD to DDP Image File Service.  We also create KDM file transfer service and DKDM File Conversion Service with XML Markers.  Digital Cinema Package Conversion Service - Movie Editing Service - DCP Transfer Service - Make Adverts for your Cinema - Commercial DCP File Creation for Theater Company - Movie Film to DCP Service or Advertisement DCP File Service

  • Tape Repair - Restoration - 3/4 U-Matic Ampex Baked Baking Process - Restore sticky tape service company

  • Film Repair Service - Video Repair, Restoration Service Near Beach Cities, South Bay Redondo Beach Facility Company

  • Custom Video can create a Photo-Montage video with music and effects, setup a video presentation services with audio and video (Video Slideshow projection), Video Record live stream events, all at affordable prices. See Example

  • Video Digitizing Service, Audio Tape Digitizing Service, Video Tape Digitizing Service, Super 8mm Film Digitizing Company

  • Feel free to call 1-310-543-4901 - Call first for appointment

  •  707 Torrance Blvd. #220 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 North East Corner of Torrance Blvd. & Irena

  • Between Prospect and Pacific Coast Highway PCH

DCP Creation Service

DCP Creation Service


  • Normal DCP Service is 7-Day Turnaround (business days)

  • 3-7 Day Turnaround is an additional $250

  • 24-72-Hour is an additional $500

Turnaround time takes effect once invoices are paid and assets are received.

All prices based on “ready-to-go” files. If your file does not pass quality control, we will let you know what the issues/concerns are before proceeding.

Your countdown begins, once we have verified your master file and received payment!  We can provide the following:

  • Complete 2K and 4K Digital Cinema Packages (DCP)

  • We do a quality control evaluation both the submitted file and the final DCP

  • Linux DCP formatted hard drive USB 3.0 or a theatre ready CRU-DX115 drive.

  • Priority mail delivery (1-4 days) of your hard drive (if ordered)

  • We can communicate with a festival or theater technician to help insure compatibility

  • A master file –

    • Preferred: HD ProRes 4:2:2 or 4:2:2 HQ with stereo or 5.1 sound

    • We can take most standard formats such s MP4 or MOV.

    • Contact us if you have a different file format

    • Do not have countdowns, color bars or anything extra. We process your DCP “as is” when delivered.

    • REMEMBER: Your DCP will only be as good as the file you submit to us. Errors on the big screen or more likely to be accented rather than diminished.

  • Multichannel audio (5.1) must be one (1) track of audio (with 6 channels), not 6 tracks of individual mono channels;  also do not provide a stereo pair on channels 7/8 or any additional wild tracks.

The process:

  • Deliver your master file digitally in person or send it via mail

    • Digital files can easily be sent via Dropbox, Google Drive, We-Transfer, etc.

  • Once we receive and verify your file, we will send an invoice

  • When the invoice is paid, we will begin making your DCP

  • In most cases it takes us 5-7 business days

  • We will send the hard drive to one location within the USA if you order a drive.

  • A DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is the standard theatrical screening format which is a set of specialty data files instead of film, videotape, Blu-ray or DVDs. This “package” of data files, includes files for the picture, and sound, as well as several control files. The entire folder of these files is collectively known as the DCP.  These files are typically stored on a hard drive for feature length films (sometimes thumb/flash drives for shorts and trailers). For feature length films it is most common to use a hard drive that enclosed in a container that is referred to as a C.R.U. or (CRU) drive. It is named after the company that manufactures the containers.
    You ship or hand-carry your DCP CRU drive to any screening venue that can handle DCP. In some cases venues can accept an upload, but the files are very large, so that may not be realistic -- even if the option is offered.  In theory, the DCP can play right off this CRU drive, but in practice is most usually ingested off the CRU drive and into the theaters system called a cinema server. In some cases a flash drive is acceptable for short films.
    DCPs have the potential to look and sound better than tape, Blu-ray, or DVD. Also with DCP, (as compared to Blu-ray) you will have the potential advantage of projecting your project in its intended aspect ratio, rather than having it scaled down and “fit” into the letterboxed dimensional confines of the Blu-ray format. If your film is in a cinematic/wide screen format, like 2.35:1, it will be letterboxed on the disk, not full frame. This is precious screen resolution lost to black bars. Especially when projected on a big screen. As great as a Blu-ray can seem to look on a home screen, it is actually a highly compressed format and doesn’t have anywhere near the quality potential of DCP. The quality potential for sound is also improved on a DCP.
    As with any format, the quality is also dependent on the relative quality of your project. DCP files and formats are special and you will not be able to play a DCP on your own (unless you have special equipment and/or software).
    DCP creation is a file conversion. It is not a creative step and does not involve making changes to your your picture or sound.
    In most cases, there is a conversion of the color space you finished to get it to the “X-Y-Z” color space of a DCP, but as mystifying as that might seem, that’s not knobs and buttons pushed. It’s math algorithms handled as part of the DCP encoding process.

    DCPs have other advantages in that they are a specialty format and usually on a specialty drive (the CRU drive). And that drive is formatted in a special drive format not recognized by most computers. So this makes stealing the content very difficult. In the event that content stealing is a concern, DCPs can take the matter one step further with the option of encryption. Once encrypted, the DCP will only play on projectors that it been authorized to play on with the use of an electronic key called a K.D.M. (Key Delivery Message). A KDM has to be created by matching a specific DCP with a specific projector or set of projectors.
    Also, due to the industrial look and feel of a the special CRU drives, people tend to treat them with extra care when handling them and shipping them. Drive failures are therefore extremely rare.
    If you are a serious filmmaker and you are screening your film, there are a lot of compelling advantages to choosing a DCP.

DCP File Creation Service

Custom Film to Movie Theater DCP File Conversion Service - Blu-Ray & DVD Mastering

DCP Hard Drive Mastering Service

Custom Video will professional burn your movie to a DCP Hard Drive for Movie Theaters.

File to DCP Conversion Service

Custom Video Productions will transfer your Movie to DCP Transfer Service

Video Tape To DVD Transfer Service

A Fully Capable, Experienced Staff to Serve You

CD Disc Replication & Packaging Facility SoCal Company

We are #1 on the referral lists as the best South Bay Production and Video Transfer Company. We have thousands of very happy customers who have referred their clients to us. Large corporations and businesses trust us to

Digitally Archive Photo, Digitize Video Tape & Film, Audio Digitizing Service

media professionally. We are even subcontracted to transfer work for other companies.

Custom Video does our Tape Transfer & Duplication Services on "in house" professional equipment at the same facility you dropped off. This assures the finished product will be of the highest standard, and won't get lost or mixed up.  Other companies may mail out or subcontract the work and use consumer equipment. Often they use low quality stock resulting in less quality, life and dependability. Mailing out your content could possibly get lost. Why risk going to another company? We can transfer directly using any codec such as HD Pro-Res, H-264, .mov, ProRes HQ, 48K Multi Channel, .mp4, .mov, mpg, .mpeg etc. often same day or next day service.

We are fully licensed and insured. We focus 100% on your project, assuring the highest quality and attention. possible. We are the #1 Best Professional Video Transfer Service Facility in the South Bay Beach Cities! We can match most reputable local pro video transfer price quote.

DVD Duplication & CD Packaging Services

DVD Replication Facility in Redondo Beach

Retail Ready Packaging is available often with no minimums. Custom Video produces the most brilliant full-color direct disc film printed label for CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray's and Business Card CD's using film, silk screening and offset printing processes. This vibrant label will make an impression that can't be beat.  We are your local company near you in So Cal Southern California Beach Cities South Bay. Our prices are so low, we can match local comparable competitor prices. 

CVP also offers full color direct film or offset printed disks. We can print in full color with both silver and white at the same time directly to the disc.  These high-resolution printed discs (up to 600dpi) won't smear, scratch, peel or fade. Packaging options can be customized or use standard paper sleeve, case, clamshell, and jewel case with shrink-wrap, polywrap, or overwrap disc duplication company.  Bulk Discount Pricing Available. #1 Best Video Transfer Service Company near Southern CA California South Bay Beach Cities CD Duplication Service.

We specialize in Same Day Service and Rush Jobs!

Multimedia Production Service

Professional HD Production Service Redondo Beach Los Angeles LA County
  • Promotional Video, DVD, CD & Blu-Ray Authoring - Editing - Mastering, Demo Reel, Training Video Production Service

  • Corporate CD-Rom's, DVD-ROM's, Blu-Ray

  • Web Design Service

  • DCP File Transfer Company for Movie

  • Powerpoint Presentations Video Services

  • Website Streaming Video Service

  • Company Info & Music-On-Hold Recording

  • Photo-Retouching Services - Montage

  • Video Still Photo Scan Capture Editing Services

  • HD-Video File to DCP Service - Our Company Coverts Video to DCP File for Movie Theater Presentation Upload

  • Video Photo Presentations - PhotoMontage Editing Service - Video Slideshow, SD Thumb & Flash Card Duplication

We serve the entire United States over 30 years video tape transfer service experience, , from California to Florida (Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Lomita, San Pedro, Lawndale, Hawthorne, El Segundo, Carson, Westchester, Gardena, Long Beach, Harbor City, South Bay, Beach Cities, Southern California).  Professional local Photo, Slide, Negative, when you search for Film and Video Transfer Service near me, we offer our Audio and Video Digitizing services near you. Our local corporate office is in Redondo Beach, CA since 1990, Over 33 years local video transfer experience! 

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