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Event Wedding Production Service

Event Video Production Packages


All Video packages can be customized to fit your budget and include tape stock, professional wireless mic, artistic "In House" digital shooting and editing with slow motion, black & white, titles, etc. Please call or E-mail us for an appointment to see a demonstration tape of each of these packages or we can also send you our standard demo tape and brochure via mail. 

We are a licensed and insured Wedding Video company with an actual video production facility. Please visit our office for an in office demonstration, we also have an extensive collection of videos showing weddings shot by CVW at most of the South Bay popular wedding locations, Wedding Videography Service by CVW.

Our energetic staff will capture creative, yet very candid images of your wedding day. We are very unobtrusive, people comment how they barely notice us even being there.   Our edited tapes do not include over-used special effects and animations.  We create a very romantic and emotional feel by using techniques such as black and white and slow motion editing.  The full sized broadcast 3-chip DV (digital format)  cameras use the latest in low light sensitivity technology and give the best possible clarity, quality and color (unlike most companies using "Home-Video or Prosumer" camcorders). Being 3-CCD Digital is not enough, only CVW uses cameras with full sized broadcast chips and high end broadcast tripods and lenses - the same camcorders to videotape our nationally broadcasted commercials.  Our stable vibrant color and image quality can't be beat.

Come to our office and see for yourself. We stand behind what we say. Custom Video is an established Full Service Video Production Corporation, which will be there to capture YOUR Wedding day. Custom Video Weddings uses only "In House" Videographers and Editors. Highly trained video industry professionals shoot all weddings.  Likewise our "In House" Editors will devote 100% of their time editing your video. Keeping everything "In House", assures that your tape won't get lost, and will be of the highest quality possible. For more information regarding our company and our equipment please see About CVP. Remember, Custom Video is a fully licensed and insured corporation you can trust.



  • Up to 12 hours of coverage (5 locations) 80-120 hours of super deluxe non-linear digital studio editing.

  • Three Broadcast Quality Full Sized Pro 3-CCD cameras at ceremony (manned).

  • 2nd main camera shooter all day.

  • Two Broadcast Quality Full Sized Pro 3-CCD. Digital cameras at reception (manned).

  • Specialized Camera Lens Filters (for more artistic looks).

  • Camera Assistant all day.

  • Super 8 film coverage for artistic angles.

  • 2nd Wireless Microphone.

  • Childhood & dating photo montage (30 photos).

  • Custom Intro.

  • Invitation Scrolled.

  • Re-cap of the days highlights.

  • Wedding party credits.

  • Honeymoon Montage (20 photos).

  • Seven Super Deluxe DVD copies of finished product (with motion video menus).

  • DVD copy of Recap for wedding party members.

  • Five Highlights Version DVD copies of finished product.

  • Six DVD copies of finished product.

  • Two Blu-Ray discs of final edit*

  • Four Flash Drives of Video File from final edit*

  • Aerial Video shot of ceremony or reception.



  • Up to 10 hours of coverage (4 locations).

  • 40-60 hours of deluxe non-linear digital studio editing.

  • Two Broadcast Quality Full Sized Pro 3-CCD Digital cameras at ceremony (manned)

  • Specialized Camera Lens Filters (for more artistic looks).

  • Camera Assistant all day.

  • Additional Video coverage for artistic angles

  • 2nd Wireless Microphone.

  • Childhood & dating photo montage (30 photos).

  • Freeze frame recap intro.

  • Invitation Scrolled.

  • Re-cap of the days highlights.

  • Wedding party credits.

  • Five Deluxe DVD copies of finished product.

  • One Blu-Ray of final edit*

  • Two Flash Drives of Video File from final edit*



  • Up to 8 hours of coverage (3 locations).

  • 30-40 hours of non-linear digital studio editing.

  • Two Broadcast Quality Full Sized Pro. Three-Chip Digital cameras at ceremony (manned).

  • Basic Camera Lens Filters (for more artistic looks).

  • 2nd Wireless Microphone.

  • Childhood & dating photo montage (30 photos).

  • Freeze frame recap intro.

  • Re-cap of the days highlights.

  • Four Standard DVD copies of finished product.

  • One Flash Drive Video File of finished product.



  • Up to 8 hours of coverage (2 locations).

  • 20-30 hours of non-linear digital studio editing.

  • Pro Three-Chip Digital camera.

  • Re-cap of the days Highlights.

  • Three DVD copies of finished product.

  • One Flash Drive Video File of finished product.



  • Up to 5 hours of coverage (2 locations).

  • 10-20 hours of studio non-linear digital editing.

  • Three-Chip camera.

  • Two DVD copies of finished product.



  • Up to 3 hours of coverage (1 location).

  • 6-10 hours of basic digital studio editing.

  • One DVD copy of finished product.

*All packages include
    Trained professional "In-House" videographer "In-House" HD digital studio editing of entire tape.
  Full sized broadcast HD 3-CCD video and editing equipment
   Slow motion, Black & White, Titles, Special effects, Location, Opening, Scenic Shots, Candid shots, Messages from guests (if requested), Musical selections, Master grade stock, Professional wireless mic, Full detailed coverage and editing

Legacy Video Production Service
Wedding Video Image Capture

Legacy Video Production Service

A Legacy Video is a Cinematic video of your lifetime memories.  A documentary montage of your family history featured in a video. Nor is it just our editing software, it comes down to one thing, experience.  Custom Video has been in the video production business for over 33 years.


We have produced and directed countless projects for top brands that demanded excellence. We will use the skills acquired to create legacy videos that families can enjoy and cherish for generations to come.

How do you want your family history to be remembered? Let Custom Video produce a professional Legacy Video for generations to come. 

What will future generations of your family know of your life? And how will that voice and path be accessed in the generations that follow behind you? And how can your stories and experience benefit them on their journey through this gift of life? Legacy Videos are a way to connect family members across generations with a unique and tangible legacy. Our videos provide a thread that links them to their ancestry, and better enables them to know themselves and those that came before them. These videos are not rooted in ego and boast, but heartfelt sharing of one’s own sense of the life they’ve lived. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have Custom Video capture the stories, Edit and create a Celebration of Life Video  that you or a family member has to share with current and future generations.

  • What is a good Video Production Company that will Video Record my event near me?
    Only choose the best company, Custom Video Productions of Redondo Beach, CA who has been in the South Bay, Beach Cities Los Angeles LA County professionally recording Events and editing them since 1990! We offer all video types from professional video production service, commercial video editing company, to local Family Event video recording service complete with HD video editing packages. Having a local experienced Video Production Company makes all the difference, rated #1 in the South Bay, Beach cities.
  • Can I see the questions ahead of time for my Corporate Video Production or Commercial Explainer Video?
    Yes, we’re happy to share an incomplete list of the questions prior to the day of filming as part of the ‘welcome pack’ we provide upon scheduling the interview. All aspects of your Professional HD Video Production Service will be covered in the contract we create and go over with you during our Pre-production meeting.
  • Do we get to see the video production prior to delivery?
    Yes, there is an opportunity for you to see and give feedback on the videos prior to the final edit. All aspects of the video production will be covered during your video consultation and contract creation.
  • How long does it take to receive the finished video product?
    All Video Production projects are different. We offer same day service video production, however it may not always be available and we often need time to create and edit the video. The finished videos will be available according to the contract and timeline we create and go over with you ahead of time.
  • Is there a discount for multiple Video Transfer and Production Service
    Yes, Custom Video Productions offers quantity discounts all depending on quantity, turn around, dates, availability, quality, etc.
  • Were can I get my Video Edited? Audition Tape Created? Demo reel Editing Service?
    Custom Video Productions specialized in HD Video Editing Service where we will professionally edit your Demo reel, Audition reel, Sports highlight reel edited professionally. We have highly experienced editors that will get your editing job done quickly. We also edit documentaries, corporate video editing service, explainer video production, local Full Service Video Production Services.
  • Where can I get a Photo Montage Created? Video Slide Show Production? Powerpoint Video Editing?
    Custom Video Specializes in the Video Editing of a Photomontage put together with music and effects. Much like a Legacy Video Production Service. Or a Celebration of Life Editing company. Our Video Editing Facility will add life to your photos with movement, zooms and effects edited together to the beat of the music. We can add video clips to add creativity. We offer rush video editing services for the quick creation of a Funeral Video Montage, or a last minute gift.




  • In person consultation prior to film day to discuss details.

  • 2 hour interview shot with professional camera, lighting and audio equipment.

  • Artistically edited with music and graphics.

  • Up to 100 family photos scanned and edited into final video.

  • Two final videos delivered: A long version of the entire interview, along with an edited version which includes the use of photos, graphics and music.

  • Delivered on thumb drive and digitally uploaded for easy sharing.



Everything included in BRONZE PACKAGE Plus:

  • B-roll of Interviewee at home on day of filming.

  • 2nd Camera on interview day.

  • Up to 200 family photos scanned and edited into final video.



Everything included in SILVER PACKAGE Plus:

2nd day of filming to capture additional sound bytes of interviewee, or other family members (2 hours).

Up to 300 family photos scanned and edited into final video.

Use of video footage from your family archives in the final edit.

EASY Video Production Editing PROCESS



  • Before the day of filming, we have an introductory meeting to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have.

  • We would gather any and all photos, videotapes and genealogy records for use in the final edit.

  • We provide a list of relevant articles and links to related short videos to help get your memory flowing and assist in your preparation for the interview



  • Setup and break down of camera, sound and lighting equipment.

  • 2-3 Person Crew.

  • 2-3 hour filming time for interview

  • ·Additional B-Roll of you in your natural surroundings.



  • Extensive editing of interview questions. We take the time necessary to properly present your story in a well thought out format.

  • Scanning & Integration of existing family photos.

  • Online research to find supporting historical photos/videos to add into final edit.

  • Delivery of final product in various formats for archiving and sharing with family.

*Demos available in office only

Wedding Videography Service Prices


Digital Versatile Disc,(DVD), has well over twice the resolution of VHS, a shelf life of around 100 years, and instant random or specific access to any part of your program (depending on package). Blu-Ray can have well over 2-3 times the resolution of a standard DVD.

  • Super Deluxe DVD with custom motion picture icon menus (up to 2 hours).

  • Deluxe DVD with custom picture icon menu (up to 2 hours).

  • Standard DVD (up to 2 hours).

  • Additional DVD copy (up to 2 hours).

  • Standard DVD of Raw Footage (up to 2 hours).

  • Digital File on Thumb Drive of Wedding Video or Recap.

  • Additional CD ROM or Flash Drive copies.

  • Master Blu-ray HD-DVD.

  • Additional Blu-ray HD-DVD copies (add to above).











These items can be added to any package, allowing you to
customize your own wedding and video package.

  • DVD copy of Edit Master.

  • DVD copy of Raw footage(Blu-Ray add$95)(per tape/DVD).

  • Purchase of Edit Master.

  • Purchase of Raw footage.

  • Invitation Scrolled on Video.

  • 2nd camera at ceremony (manned).

  • Additional Location.

  • Childhood & Dating Montage (30 photos).

  • Additional photos (each).

  • Recap (days highlights).

  • Honeymoon montage (30 photos).

  • Wedding Party credits.

  • Super 8 MM film type for video artistic angles.

  • Highlights Version.

  • Additional time (per 1/2 hour).

  • Additional Overtime (per 1/2 hour).

  • Additional Flash Drive of above (Add to above price)




$85.00 ea. tape















A 25% deposit reserves date. A 2nd and final payment is due one month prior to the wedding date. Sales tax is not included on the above pricing. We gladly accept Visa and MasterCard. Please allow 8 to 14 weeks for delivery of tape after all materials are in.
* Custom and Value packages may (subject to availability) not include full sized 3ccd digital camera, (we may use small prosumer broadcast camera most other companies use), nor be available during peak season. HD packages may use smaller but higher resolution chips.
Other services and packages may not be available. Prices, packages, and/or services may change at any time without notice. Certain restrictions and charges may apply. Travel and lodging fees may apply for events outside of the greater LA and Orange County area ($95/hr). Customer responsible for payment of all parking charges. Meal and break must provided and/or (re) paid for each person hired for packages over 4 hours.

Feel free to call 1-310-543-4901 M-F 9-5 by appointment  707 Torrance Blvd. #210 Redondo Beach, CA 90277

North East Corner of Torrance Blvd. & Irena  Between Prospect and Pacific Coast Highway PCH

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