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Professional Wedding Videography Service FAQ

Professional Wedding Video Production Service

Why a Local Professional Wedding Video Company

  Why should I have my wedding professionally recorded digitally (originally captured to video tape)?


If ever a single moment of you life is worth preserving, this is one. And it deserves to be preserved in its entirety... all the sights and all the sounds. Photography can't do it alone. You need the almost magical artistry of Custom Video to do this moment justice. Someday, you may have children. If your wedding has been captured professionally by our team, you don't have to tell your children, family or friends about it, you can show them. They can relive it with you. And it will be wonderful. Professional videography preserves all the memories of your big day. Sights. Sounds. Feelings. You will never look more stunning than when you step into your wedding gown. No one wants to see boring, shaky or amateur video. And yet you will only wear this beautiful gown a few hours in your lifetime. These hours deserve - no, demand - that they be recorded by a pro. Don't rely on a family member or guest who will miss important moments. Don't ruin their experience with the responsibility. And if you entrust these precious hours to a professional wedding videographer you have recorded these memories forever! Not just the images of you in your gown, but... the way you moved in it, the way you sounded, the way you danced in it, the way you walked up the isle, the way your family... friends... and your husband reacted when they saw you in your gown. Your gown may just be worn once, but you can remember it forever if you call us. The key to a wonderful wedding video is artistry. We'd love to show you what we've done for other brides. Call us to arrange a time to view our Video Demonstration. It pays to hire a professional wedding videographer. Custom Video will create a lifetime heirloom with your wedding video, something to share with children and friends down through the ages.

  What sets Custom Video Production's work apart from other videography?


You may find what SEEMS like a comparable package elsewhere for a lower price.   However, be sure to look at a final raw footage and edited wedding done by the other companies.  Demo tapes may look great, but what does the final product look like?   Post-production editing is not an exact science; the number of hours covered during an event does not determine the quality of the edited version.  Custom Video has been covering and editing weddings since 1990, and this experience has given us the creative edge over the competition. Custom Video is an established Full Service Video Production Corporation, fully licensed and insured, which will be there to capture YOUR Wedding day. Our style is very elegant, tasteful and subtle and NOT full of fancy effects that can make you dizzy!  Fades, dissolves, slow motion and music of your choice, along with our style of storytelling will make your wedding day a joy to watch again and again. Custom Video Weddings uses only "In House" Videographers and Editors. Our courteous, friendly professionals have each videotaped over 1000 weddings and have been trained by a member of our staff. Likewise our "In House" trained Editors will devote 100% of their time editing your video. Keeping everything "In House", assures the finished product will be of the highest standard, and won't get lost or mixed up. You will know a qualified and experienced videographer will show up to your wedding. Our "State-Of-The-Art" video and editing equipment is full sized 3 CCD broadcast digital, not home video or prosumer camcorders like most other video companies use. Being 3CCD Digital alone is not enough. Our cameras use full sized broadcast chips and high end broadcast tripods and lenses providing a low-light, stable, vibrant color and image quality that can't be beat. We use the same camcorders to videotape our nationally broadcasted commercials. Come see our studio for yourself. We stand behind what we say. No other company can compare to Custom Video's overall quality, experience, service, and creativity. We never hire freelance videographers from the street with their own, untested equipment. Why take the chance with other companies who exercises these poor practices to save money? Why take the chance and liability of an amateur without insurance? Why take the chance of the person taking your money and not showing up?

  Will my Custom Video Weddings videographer be obtrusive?


No. Custom Video Weddings prides itself on its videographers being like a fly on the wall. We won't bother you to pose shots and ask unimportant questions. We will discuss all your details before your wedding date. Our trained professionals capture every detail of your wedding without getting in the way. We won't move or be distractive during the wedding service, nor will we get in the way and bother guests during the reception. We want you to remember your wedding day, not the experience with your videographer.

  Why can't I have my friend(s) video tape or record my wedding?


Would you let your friend Photograph or DJ your event? Just because someone has a camera or CD/Audio player, doesn't mean you are a professional. Only a well experienced videographer can know exactly how to video tape your event in a creative and professional manner. Not only is it unfair for your friend to try to work on your wedding day, just think what your video would be like after he or she has had a couple of drinks. Your wedding is a once in a life time event with no 2nd takes. Let Custom Video come through for you in a video with artistry and flair! You'll remember the way you and your husband looked and sounded on your wedding day forever.

  Why do we need a 2nd camera during the ceremony?


We always recommend a 2nd camera for several reasons:  1)   Because it's so important to have a very steady shot, our cameras are set-up on tripods during the ceremony.  This doesn't allow very much moveability.  To insure a good angle while you're exchanging vows, walking down the aisle and leaving the ceremony and for guest speakers, it's necessary to have the 2nd camera.  2) Having a 2nd angle allows us to edit both angles into your final edited version.   This gives you a much more dynamic and visually interesting video.  3)   Many ceremony sites have restrictions as to where the videographers may place their cameras.  In some instances, this is not always the most ideal location.  In these situations, having the 2nd angle gives us more flexibility to get the best shots and, during editing, allows us to choose between the two angles so there is almost always a clear shot of the two of you. 

  Can we get our edited copy on DVD or HD Blu-Ray and will the Disc work in the same way as the movies I rent? What about as a HD file?


Yes, we can provide your video on DVD or Blu-Ray to be viewed at home and on a computer, or a CD-ROM movie file to be viewed on your computer. Blu-Ray has superior picture quality. Our DVD's, Blu-Ray and CD-ROM has a life expectancy of about 100 years with no quality loss. They can not be accidentally erased or corrupted by a computer virus. They both include a creative color photo print on the jewel case cover and disk. Optional motion picture menus can be created which allows you to select sections of your video with the click of a button. We also offer quantity discounts, allowing you to easily send a custom high quality Disc to your Family and Bridal Party. You can also receive a file that can be copied to Flash Drives or a Hard drive. Please allow us to show you the different options available by calling us at (310) 543-4901 or Text 424-241-3555 .

  Other companies claim to have 3-CCD digital camcorders or HD camcorders, what is the difference?


Only Custom Video Weddings uses State-of-the-art Full Sized Broadcast 3CCD Digital camcorders with high end broadcast lenses, filters, tripods, and equipment. Our camcorders use FULL SIZED CHIPS. Not inferior 3CCD 1/3 inch sized chips. We use the same equipment to video tape our nationally broadcasted commercials. Our camcorders are extremely sensitive to low light, and produce a vibrant color and image quality which can't be beat. These camcorders produce a better image quality than the newest Prosumer HD camcorders. Custom Video uses Professional equipment, not Prosumer equipment. Most of all, your videographer will be a friendly "In-House" trained professional, very unobtrusive with the knowledge and experience to capture every moment of your wedding; Capturing memories which will last forever.


Custom Video Weddings is a division of South Bay Custom Video Productions Incorporated.

707 Torrance Blvd. #210 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 1(310) 543-4901 -  M-F 9-5 and by appointment.

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